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Mobile Apps & UX Development

iPhone App Development

Around 395 iPhones are sold every 60 seconds; 1.2 billion iPhones have been sold in total. There are 85.8 million iPhone users in the US, and 68% of the world’s teenagers own an iPhone. The iPhone is, by far, world’s favourite. Hence, we work hand-in-hand with iPhone technologies to bring to you customised iOS solutions to take your business to the next level!

- Travel app
- Education app
- Interior Design app

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Android App Development 

Need Android app solutions for your business?
Android is a cult, and we admit that the geeks at Intitu are cult followers!
Not only do we all own one (or a few) each, but we also specialise in Android application development. It’s not just that we’re good at it. The fact is that we love it!
Our developers can:
- Ensure superior UI designs for enhanced user experiences
- Utilise the latest technologies to achieve the end product
- Deliver high-performing and reliable applications according to the business needs of companies across the market sectors

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Android Game UX Design 

Need a superior Android game? Yes, it is possible!
Androids make up nearly 80% of the total number of mobile phones in the world.
With Android phones making a conscious shift to improve their UX designs, especially in relation to gaming, the Android Game UX Design market is growing.
We’ve entered this sector to help boost the Android gaming sector!
To achieve this, we will:
- Create an adaptive UI to fit any Android screen
- Use stunning design and splash screens
- Create easy navigation for all users
- Provide an unmatched gaming experience
- Challenge the iOS gaming platform! (it’s just a matter of time!)

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Custom Mobile App Development 

Whatever your platform, we can create a mobile app with a winning UI that’s super fast, user-friendly, attractive and compatible. Customised mobile applications project your brand and product offerings. They allow your customers to navigate through, experience and leave satisfied. With so many mobile apps available, yours needs to stand out in all these ways.
We can help you by:
- Developing mobile apps that are customised perfectly to your requirements.
- Providing customised mobile apps for varied platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry,
iPad and others.
- Delivering mobile apps at affordable costs and within the stipulated time

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 E-commerce & Business App Solutions 

E-commerce Mobile App Development

Almost 22% of people in the world shop online, most of them via their mobile phones. By 2021, the number of people purchasing online is expected to reach 2.14 billion, and with good reason. Mobile-based online shopping is simple, quick, has just the right amount of interaction and is completely secure.
Our e-commerce mobile apps are Android- and iOS-based.
Ready to get yourself an e-comm app?

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Bots APP

Chatbots are revolutionising customer support. By 2029, chatbots will be indistinguishable from humans, predicts Ray Kurzweil of Google. In 2020, people are already more open to communicating with chatbots. In fact, 63% of people say that would message an online chatbot, especially for answers needed in an emergency. Taking advantage of this revolution is easy. Get a Bot App made for your company or brand. It will boost efficiency, create stronger customer relationships, assist in disseminating information and help initiate valuable two-way dialogues with your target audiences. We build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent bots to interact naturally with your users via websites, apps, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger and more. But you pay only for what you use.
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iBeacon APP

iBeacon technology allows mobile apps to decipher their place on a micro-local scale to offer hyper-contextual content to users based on location. The communication technology for iBeacon is Bluetooth Low Energy, designed for low-energy consumption and lower cost. We can:
- Provide top-notch, off-the-shelf and tailor-made iBeacon solutions
- Help you unlock the power that iBeacon provides using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
- Utilise indoor positioning applications, deliver more than content and include the closeness of objects in the physical world
- Assist you in engaging potential clients at a new level. Our beacon app
Development services include:
- iBeacon Enterprise Application Development
- iBeacon Development for Small Business
- iBeacon Mobile App Customisation
- iBeacon Mobile App Maintenance
- iBeacon App Design
- iBeacon Integration Services
- iBeacon Location & Proximity App
- iBeacon Development Consultation.
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Hybrid APP

We provide end-to-end hybrid solutions and development across various operating systems.

The beauty of Hybrid is that it uses the codes of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the same ones utilised in mobile operating systems. Hybrid apps can, therefore, be developed quickly, easily and economically. These apps can be leveraged on both the web and native mobile technologies. Hybrid allows easy access to device data, works offline and scales to many platforms.

Our end-to-end hybrid solutions include:
- Hybrid Mobile App Development
- Hybrid Mobile App Design
- Cross-Platform Development
- Multi-Platform Development.
- If you have a hybrid app idea, we can make it a reality!

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